Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Countryside Illustrations

I've been playing around with using different textures in Photoshop.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Skinister: Prop Making

I returned to university this last Monday (10.02.2014) after intermitting for about a year due to ill health, and its been so strange to be back at my University after all this time. I started by getting in touch with Rachel Mullen who is project leader for the stop motion animation called 'Skinister', and met with her on Monday to discuss the project to find out more and see what I could do on it. 

I am interested in all areas of stop motion animation so I am going to start on making props for the set, and then later on I'll work on whatever other things that come along. I've started by making a plant pot for the first set, the waiting room.

Using toilet paper, acrylic paint, bendy wire, cardboard and PVA, I created this miniature wilting pot plant prop and I'm quite happy with it :)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pottery adventures!

So in September last year I enrolled myself onto a pottery course at my old college to get me back into doing creative things, and I'm glad I did it was so fun! I wish I'd tried pottery sooner because I loved it <3 I've already signed up for next year. The beginners course ran for 12 weeks (which went so quick!), and then the intermediate started in January which I would have gone too if I hadn't been returning to uni in February, and we would have started learning how to use the pottery wheel.

First lesson!

We started by making some small thumb pots, and a coil pot, then we progressed into making other things like plates, square pots etc, then whatever we fancied making. As I don't have a kiln (yet mwhahaha) I've bought some air dry clay so that I can keep making stuff at uni and keep developing my style and improving my skills, as well as working on some more animation related things like character modelling and props. 

Here's a few things I made:

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Autumn on the Farm: Sugar Beet Lifting

Over the summer I worked as a summer farm casual on the Nevile Estate in Aubourn, and it was so much fun. It was so therapeutic and a welcome break from the stress of university. I love farming and anything to do with it, so while I was working there (and after!) I bought a Diana F+ camera kit and started snapping some photos to document some of it! 

It was great to start using a film camera again which is something I haven't used since A Level Photography, and get away from using digital. I felt like a bit of a novice though as I had to relearn all over again how to use a camera, but I was excited to see what the photos would come out like because I had never used a Diana camera before. I had quite a few blurry images, and some that I'd not aimed at the right height, also one particularly misty week I decided to take some photos on a black and white film which sadly got munched at the developers which I was gutted about (apparently it rarely happens, just my luck haha) but still I was quite happy with the ones that turned out OK!